These are all the links to the websites that are referred to in the book A Reporters Guide to the EU, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction to EU reporting

Chapter 2: A few tips and tricks to get started

Chapter 3: What, really, is the EU?

Chapter 4: The European Commission

Chapter 5: The European Parliament

Chapter 6: The Council of Ministers and the European Council

Chapter 7: The legislative process part I: The European Commission proposes a new law

Chapter 8: The legislative process part II: The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers amend and adopt the law

Chapter 9: Tools for following the legislative process

Chapter 10: Delegated decision-making

Chapter 11: Other EU institutions

Chapter 12: Statistics, opinion polls, sound, photo and video

Chapter 13: Lobbying

Chapter 14: Think tanks and research

Chapter 15: Media

Chapter 16: Bringing the EU home

Chapter 17: Common mistakes in EU reporting and how to avoid them

Chapter 18: Investigative EU reporting

Chapter 19: Practical help in Brussels

Chapter 20: Writing about the EU